An Audacious Plan

At the start of every association project, hopes are high. Expectations will be exceeded, deliverables will be timely and members will be amazed with outcomes and recommend peers to join the movement. What we all look forward to is pure bliss, especially in times of trouble as the past two years have proven. Unfortunately, suchContinue reading “An Audacious Plan”

Let me Tell you a Story

The ancient art of storytelling Throughout history, cultures have told stories to engage and enlighten, to teach or to seek help. Stories establish a rapport between the teller and the audience, the elder and the younger ones, the profet and his disciples, the artist and his followers. In such a way, stories have always createdContinue reading “Let me Tell you a Story”

A Manifesto for the Events Industry

As a past chair of JMIC, the Joint Meetings Industry Council, I have always followed closely what excellent content they have provided on their website since we started the ‘Meetings Mean Business‘ campaign. Only a few months ago, JMIC published its Global Manifesto as a meetings & events industry rationale for the use of businessContinue reading “A Manifesto for the Events Industry”

The Need to Meet in Person

During my 14 years with the MCI Group, I was very much inspired by several of my colleagues from around the world. Some of them really stood out and Juliano Lissoni is certainly one of them. We met in Sao Paulo first, some ten years ago but later Juliano moved to Canada to take overContinue reading “The Need to Meet in Person”

Outsider Help from Insider People

Business Support Services for SMEs and Associations As an small or medium sized enterprise business owner, association executive or board member, you probably need help at certain times developing and implementing ideas, plans and actions. That’s where my partners and I at WeCare.Associates comes in! Easy! Timely! Quality! * We pride ourselves in creating significantContinue reading “Outsider Help from Insider People”

The Digital Trends Interview

Before the pandemic hit our industries, recent trends in destination marketing and management included sustainable development and action, the use of big data to shape content creation and the development of more personalised, one to one messaging. Collaboration was one more important trend which I talked about recently in my Musketeers article; I believe itContinue reading “The Digital Trends Interview”

Vision 2022

Re-designing your client portfolio for the post-pandemic era The time has come for me to share my career long know-how with individuals and organisations operating within the larger meetings, events and incentive travel industry. If you are a destination expert, a hotelier, a DMC, an association executive or event pro, you may want to continueContinue reading “Vision 2022”

All for One and One for All

Bring back the Musketeers – united we stand, divided we fall! I’m a great fan of storytelling and this morning I woke up with the heroic stories of the Musketeers of Alexandre Dumas in mind. In the early Noughties, when Lex Granaada, Roger Tondeur and Yours Truly organised the ESNEPs for SITE in Europe and the Middle East, participants calledContinue reading “All for One and One for All”

Applying Neuroscience Principles to Virtual Experience Design

Guest author Avinash Chandarana, MCI Group, Learning & Development Director How can a virtual learning experience maintain sufficient levels of attention? How can engagement be driven in the online space? Applying neuroscience principles to virtual experience design can lead to higher levels of engagement, content retention and ROI.  People attend events because they want to see, learn, share,Continue reading “Applying Neuroscience Principles to Virtual Experience Design”

Crisis, what crisis?

Never waste the benefits of a great pandemic! Prof. Dirk De Wachter, a well know Belgian psychiatrist and author just published his latest book in which he wishes everybody a ‘pandemic of consciousness’. Because of the Covid-19 crisis, we have had time and have been forced to think about things. Everyone has had creative ideas, and nobodyContinue reading “Crisis, what crisis?”