For years I have been speaking at international trade shows, conferences and events on a number of topics related to our business. Also I had, in association with some CVBs and media partners, the opportunity to present masterclasses to local DMO communities. Most topics are in the field of destination marketing and services, sales, businessContinue reading “Masterclass”

The Art of Serendipity

Incentive Travel is a business and motivational tool for the post Covid-19 age How healthy is your human capital post Covid-19? Many industries and trades have suffered from Covid-19 and bringing their people together will be a major need for corporations on the road of recovery. Initially an invention to boost sales organisations, incentive travelContinue reading “The Art of Serendipity”

Are You Talking to Me?

Designing an incentive program begins with understanding the customer, his or her business, the companies’ leadership and a profile of the program participants. Knowing your customer and your customers’ customer should be the basis for this motivational management tool. Let us help you determine whether an incentive program is a good fit for the businessContinue reading “Are You Talking to Me?”

Terms of Engagement

Human resource strategies in the 21st Century Many people in the corporate environment and especially those in HR know more about employee engagement than I do. But still, too few know what exciting tools we, in our industry have at their disposal. What I would like to introduce in this article is an authentic businessContinue reading “Terms of Engagement”

The Relationship between Incentive Travel and Motivation

My readers are either working in the meetings and incentives industry or are clients of this industry and may intuitively know why incentive travel works. In this article we will explore the “whys” of incentive travel: why incentive travel works for loyalty and engagement, and how it can be used as a tool to foster behaviour change.Continue reading “The Relationship between Incentive Travel and Motivation”

In Search of Excellence

The schools are out and many students have strived for excellence, not necessarily perfection. We have all been there, trying our best, often pushing beyond our limits to prepare ourselves for the life ahead. But is that a good idea? Is not seeking perfection what we should be doing in our work? I have oftenContinue reading “In Search of Excellence”