Applying Neuroscience Principles to Virtual Experience Design

Guest author Avinash Chandarana, MCI Group, Learning & Development Director How can a virtual learning experience maintain sufficient levels of attention? How can engagement be driven in the online space? Applying neuroscience principles to virtual experience design can lead to higher levels of engagement, content retention and ROI.  People attend events because they want to see, learn, share,Continue reading “Applying Neuroscience Principles to Virtual Experience Design”

Are You Talking to Me?

Designing an incentive program begins with understanding the customer, his or her business, the companies’ leadership and a profile of the program participants. Knowing your customer and your customers’ customer should be the basis for this motivational management tool. Let us help you determine whether an incentive program is a good fit for the businessContinue reading “Are You Talking to Me?”

Terms of Engagement

Human resource strategies in the 21st Century Many people in the corporate environment and especially those in HR know more about employee engagement than I do. But still, too few know what exciting tools we, in our industry have at their disposal. What I would like to introduce in this article is an authentic businessContinue reading “Terms of Engagement”